Wouldn't it be great if you could take a deep breath, click your heels together, and effortlessly communicate your message to your audience...all while inspiring them to take action with your business?


You're in luck, friend.


I started Captivate With Copy because for most entrepreneurs and business owners, you're already juggling #allthethings. You stress over wondering if your writing is effective, and if anyone will feel inspired enough to join your mailing list, buy your product, or sign up for your services

I'm here to rescue your brand from useless words, meaningless phrases, and snooze-worthy content that tells potential clients to #packupandpeaceout.

No jargon, no sleazy sales-talk (ugh)...just clear, concise, and captivating copy your audience will resonate with, helping position you as the best solution for their needs. 

So, go ahead and cross off copywriting from your already endless to-do list, and get back to being that successful, goal-crushing boss-babe.





A Quick Intro…


Hey there, friend! I’m Danielle, and while crafting irresistible words for all the dreamers and doers out there fills my heart and cup to the brim, writing copy that captivates and converts is only one of my passions!

When I’m not working with clients, you’ll find me crushing a kettlebell workout (even went ahead and became a certified kettlebell instructor in 2016!), learning the ropes of my DSLR camera (I’m a bit flat lay obsessed), and navigating this crazy creativepreneur life while juggling my day job as a dental hygienist!

I believe there’s nothing that yoga pants (the more stretch, the better), a glass of pino, and a laugh-till-you-cry night with friends can’t fix, and I never turn down the bread bowl at restaurants. Like, ever.

I also believe every entrepreneur, business, and brand has a story that is all their own, and that each story is worth telling. Each journey is worth being shared and being heard, and it lights me up to help struggling brands find their voice and share their mission.