Website Copy

You want words that both “wow” and “work”, and that actually speak to your ideal clients in a way that will make them scramble to work with you!

Full Site Package: Begins at $1,200

Individual Pages: Begins at $300

*contact for a custom quote

Sales Pages

Do you have a product launch looming and that blinking cursor is paralyzing your fingertips, frozen over your keyboard? Leave the words to me, and your dreamboat ideal audience will become paying customers in no time.

Begins at $500

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Email Marketing + Newsletters

You’ve busted your hump hustling your biz and engaging with your audience, and you’ve FINALLY built up an enviable email list. Now you’re thinking, “What the heck do I send them every week?! How do I get them to actually open and READ my emails?” I’ve got you, babe.

Individual Emails: Begins at $150

Monthly Email Packages: Begins at $500

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Copy Editing

*For blog posts, social media posts, and email marketing

Already have words you love, but just need a little extra polishing before your big reveal? My editing services might be perfect for you. Get in touch so I can whip up a custom quote.

Proof Reading and Line Editing: A little nip here, a little tuck there...and voila! Your words are ready to shine. 

  • Begins at $50

Developmental Editing: You've already put your heart and soul into your words...but they're just not working the way they need to. I'll fill in what's missing and rewrite what's needed to leave you with a complete, polished piece.

  • Begins at $150